Special Session: Embodied-Brain Systems Science


Date: June 27 (Tue.) 13:15 - 16:45


  • Shiro Yano (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  • Dai Owaki (Tohoku University)
  • Koh Hosoda (Osaka University)
  • JSPS KAKENHI Grant “Understanding brain plasticity on body representations to promote their adaptive functions” (Number 15K21754 )
    Project HP: http://embodied-brain.org/eng/

Supported by

  • AMAM2017 Committee


13:15 - 14:15
Human-object Interactions – a Task-dynamic Approach as Window into Learning and Adaptation
Dagmar Sternad (Northeastern University, USA)
Session SA:
14:30 - 15:30
Introduction and Overview of Embodied-brain Systems Science
Jun Ota (The University of Tokyo)

Accelerated Mirror Descent in Reinforcement Learning
Shiro Yano (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Modeling of Postural Control in Human with Multisensory Alteration by Experiments and Simulations
Ryosuke Chiba (Asahikawa Medical University)
Session SB:
15:45 – 16:45
Adaptive Split-belt Treadmill Walking of Musculoskeletal Models and Legged Robots by Reflex and Learning
Shinya Aoi (Kyoto University)

An approach to the mechanism of postural dysfunction of rats with lesion in inferior olivary nuclei
Testuro Funato (The University of Electro-Communications)

Walking Rehabilitation Using Auditory Biofeedback Prosthesis for Stroke Patients
Dai Owaki (Tohoku University)