Invited Keynote Lectures

We are inviting several speakers who are world-wide known for their innovative research in biology, physiology, robotics and so on. Up to now, the following speakers have accepted our invitation . We will update this information as we have the titles of the keynotes.

Affiliation & Title of the Talk
Avis H. Cohen University of Maryland, USA
"Control principles for locomotion - looking toward biology"
Holk Cruse University of Bielefeld, Germany
"Control of hexapod walking in biological systems"
Robert J. Full University of California at Berkeley, USA
"Biorobotics in the Age of Integration"
Shigemi Mori NIPS, Japan
"Higher nervous control of quadrupedal vs bipedal lcomotion in non-human primates; common and specific properties"
Naomichi Ogihara Kyoto University, Japan
"Towards emulating adaptive locomotion of a quadrupedal primate by a neuro-musculo-skeletal model"
Aftab E. Patla University of Waterloo, Canada
"Coupling static and dynamic environmental information from the visual system to locomotor action"
Rolf Pfeifer University of Zurich, Switzerland
"Jumping, running, dancing, flying, reaching: moving into the future.
Design principles for adaptive mobile systems"
Hartmut F. Witte Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany
"Biomechatronics - how much biology does the engineer need?"
Masafumi Yano Tohoku University, Japan
"Purposive Locomotion of Insect in Indefinite Environment"