AMAM2003 Robot Exhibition

There will be an exhibition of locomotive robots of the world. Research Institutes , Universites and Private Companies are encouraged to demonstrate their interesting activies in the symposium exhibition room.

Exhibition Fees

There will be no extra charge for those willing to show their locomotive robots, that will be registered at the symposium. Please make contact with the co-chairs for more information. The exhibition will be of free access to all AMAM2003 registered attendants.

Instruction for the Demonstrators

Current list of the exhibited robots


Exhibited Robots
Kyoto Univ., Tsuchiya Lab. Biped, Quadruped
Kyoto Univ., Osuka Lab. "Moira", Biped, "Quartet-II"
Univ. of Electro-Communications,
Kimura Lab.
Quadruped: "Tekken-I & II", Salamander
Fujitsu Laboratories Biped: "HOAP-I"
McGill Univ.,
Ambulatory Robotics Lab.
Quadruped: "Scout II"
Delft University of Technology,
Bio-robotics Lab.
Biped: "MIKE"