Episodes of AMAM2003

Episodes #1: Let's cheer up Hosoda-san.

Delf Univ. group tried to export their air cartridge to Japan for their biped robot demonstration. Hosoda-san sent & received tons of fax. to import such dangerous(?) explosive device against the notorious Japanese bureaucratic system. Finally, Hosoda-san was requested to get the permission of the president of Osaka Univ. Let's cheer up Hosoda-san (if you can read Japanese, you should check this).

Episodes #2: Robot Demo. with pajama

Delf Univ. group showed me their biped robot demonstration at 10:30 pm on March.4 at the corridor of the APA hotel even though Mr.Wisse was wearing a pajama (photo & movie).

The Empire Strikes Back (not yet)

Return of the Jedi (photo)

I think that we had a lot of interesting episodes background while preparing and carrying the symposium. Please send such episodes (if possible, with photos&movies) to hiroshi@kimura.is.uec.ac.jp. I will put them on this papge.