News from IPC (International Program Committee)

[2000 Aug.21] IPC is now preparing for procedures to collect movies and copyright.

[2000 Aug.14] WEB pages of AMAM2000 were reopened with new user id and password.

[2000 Aug.10] A.Guran was removed from IPC of AMAM2000 because of his serious bad behavior.

[2000 July.13] Single track program of AMAM was created.

[2000 May.31] All papers sent to will be included in proceedings of AMAM.

[2000 Mar. 16] If you have not yet made registration for ISIFSM2K, please note that at least one of authors must register in order for the paper to be included in proceedings of AMAM. Therefore, please register as soon as possible according to the instruction in the mail I had sent on Mar.16.

[2000 Feb. 25] Please check other papers submitted to AMAM in your field by looking at the list of Titles/Authors when writing contents and references of your final paper.

[2000 Feb. 21] Deadline of the final paper submission has been extended to March 15.

[2000 Feb. 21] WEB page for AMAM started!