From AMAM 2013 - March 11-14, 2013

Site: Hardware demonstrations

Titel: Maximizing Energy Efficiency of the Robot Hopping based on Free Vibration
Authors: Xiaoxiang Yu, Fumiya Iida

Titel: MYOROBOTICS: a modular toolkit for legged locomotion research using musculoskeletal designs
Authors: Hugo Gravato Marques, Christophe Maufroy, Alexander Lenz, Konstantinos Dalamagkidis, Utku Culha, Maik Siee and Paul Bremner

Titel: Control of a Flying Drone via Wireless EMG and Inertial Sensors
Authors: Steven Lindley and Nick Kundu

Titel: The MARCO robot hopper
Authors: Karl T. Kalveram, Inna Mikkailova, Daniel Häufle andAndre Seyfarth

Titel: A compliant universal joint cascadable to a multi-joint kinematics - Tripedale Alternanzkaskade, TAK -
Authors: Ivo Boblan, Andreas Schulz, Alexej Tuchscherer, Ivan Perfilov and Björn Bertrand
BIONA Projekt BROMMI-TAK BROMMI-TAK: Assistant in the Household

Titel: LocoKit - A robotic construction kit for developing and validating models of locomotion
Authors: Jørgen Christian Larsen and Kasper Støy
The LocoKit toolbox Robot build from LocoKit

Titel: Walking and running with StarlETH
Authors: Marco Hutter, Christian Gehring, Michael Bloesch, Mark Hoepflinger and Roland Siegwart

Titel: Poppy: A new bio-inspired humanoid robot platform
Authors: Matthieu Lapeyre, Pierre Rouanet and Pierre Yves Oudeyer

Titel: Pneumatic Jumping Monopod
Authors: Hiroyuki Kidokoro and Koh Hosoda

Titel: Towards dynamically running quadruped robots: performance, scaling, and comparison
Authors: Alexander Sproewitz, Alexandre Tuleu, Michiel D'Haene, Rico Möckel, Jonas Degrave, Massimo Vespignani, Sebastien Gay, Mostafa Ajallooeian, Benjamin Schrauwen and Auke Jan Ijspeert
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