From AMAM 2013 - March 11-14, 2013

Site: Submission for Hardware demonstration

We encourage the participants to contribute to the hardware demonstration. This will include the demonstration of the robot/hardware itself and the possibility to display a poster. It is also possible to link the hardware to an oral presentation for reviewing your contribution as a complete package. The selection of demos will be based upon the reviewer’s suggestion and potential logistic constraints.

Please send demonstration proposals based on at most two-page description of the activity to be carried out. The proposal must include:

1) Demonstration title
2) Authors (name, affiliation, email)
3) One of the following two options:

  A) Paper, the demo is related to. 
  B) Summary of the work including: 

4) URL with additional video or photo material
5) Equipment you will bring (e.g. laptop, robot)
6) Special requirements (must be reasonable, e.g. space for robot, table, access to power etc.)

Proposals that are related to the papers have more priority for acceptance.

The submission period for these contributions is now open. Please send your submission to before 31st of January, 2013.

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